Thursday, May 9, 2013

Staff Web Development (WD) - PT Utama Rejeki - Malang (Jawa Timur)

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Utama International wholesale manufacturer

The specialization of staff, the new technology and the most attention to the production give an excellent quality of the leather bags. The styles of Utama International are made by our Italian Utama International designer that works in collaboration with the supplier of raw material. For this reason, our Utama International have an exclusive design.

A meticulous study of the shapes of early and traditional Utama International first pointed the way to leather bags. That is, to give a profound sense of stylistic elegance to the end leather bags products.
Originally meant for women, nowadays fashion handbags are important and essential fashion accessories for woman. Our leather handbag are recognized throughout the world for its exclusivity and the perfection of every detail.

From joining the top with the sides, to the most complex techniques, from decorations to insert and stitching, from hand painted and metal trim to wood and mother of pearl inlays, from jewel decorations to fur trim and inners, from perforated designs to sharp cut leather, the key to our designer bags are the creativity and skill of its artisans. But this also demands extreme precision, in short, the secrets of a unique designer bags maker.

Staff Web Development (WD)
Malang (Jawa Timur)


Menguasai Joomla / WordpressMenguasai Adobe Photoshop / Corel DrawPria / WanitaPendidikan min. D3  Mohon Mencantumkan portofolio web / design yang pernah dibuat menggunakan Joomla / Wordpress / CMS lainnya. Khusus WD, Lowongan + Portofolio selain dapat dikirim via pos juga dapat dikirim via email ke alamat email

Cantumkan Code M3 dan Code yang akan di lamar pada pojok kanan atas amplop atau pada subject email.

CV dapat dikirim ke alamat berikut ini: Jln. Raya Langsep 48 Malang –Jawa Timur. Up/ Bp. Rudy

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